Our Story

Nobuko Yonaha (left) was born in 1954 in Kadena Okinawa. She met my grandfather while he was stationed in Kadena during the Vietnam war. The two of them got married and raised 5 children together back in the United States. She had dealt with culture shock, racism, sexism, and a multitude of other obstacles living in America while raising her 5 children. Her character shows through her hard work. One of her children, my mother, went down a regrettable path in life that I will not describe in detail. My grandparents had a massive decision to make. And without a second thought they adopted me to give me a life. My Grandma goes above and beyond in every way for me even into my adulthood. I named this company after her because of her impact on my life. Not just culturally but in every way possible. I want my brand to be a positive impact on the world the way she is a positive impact on me.